Evolution of consciousness and social responsibility is the mandate for humanity in this decade and beyond.  It is evident that we have not yet fully evolved as a society when the inhumane suffering of the nonhuman animal species by the hands of “humanity” is still a reality.  The murder of any life is morally indefensible and a violation of the spirit at its core. 

As we celebrate our freedom and right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, other species do not enjoy the same inherent freedom.  Every year, billions of nonhuman animals around the globe are systematically enslaved, tortured and killed in the name of greed.  Their inalienable right to life is the greatest social justice issue of our time and is, in fact, a ‘soul’ issue perpetuated by an egocentric society in a state of ‘spiritual disconnect.’ 

If our fellow earthlings could fight for freedom, they would be marching for liberation in the same footsteps as the social justice movements of our cultural history.  Their cries for mercy are unheard by a society that perceives the villosity of their skin with a disparate separateness and perception of inequality.  Tears have the same meaning in any language.


Every year, the international fur trade murders upwards of 100 MILLION fur-bearing animals, including man’s best friend and feline companion, killed without mercy so that their fur can be made into products for the fashion industry.  This annual count does not include rabbits, which the United Nations reports to be at least 1 BILLION killed each year strictly for their fur.

The fur trade is criminal, inflicting horrific torture upon its innocent victims.  Fur farmers care only about profit - preserving the quality of the fur by using slaughter methods that keep the pelt intact, which results in extreme suffering for the victims. These sentient beings are strangled, gassed, suffocated, anally electrocuted, their necks broken and even skinned alive, and there are no governing laws to protect them.

China is the world’s largest exporter of fur and more than half of finished fur garments are sold in the United States.  Unbeknownst to most, China is also the mecca of the cat and dog fur trade.  It is estimated that over 2 million domestic cats and dogs are killed every year in China alone (mostly stolen pets and homeless strays), brutally murdered for fur-trimmed clothing and accessories (even trinkets and pet toys), which is exported under false labeling to North America and Europe.  There are no regulations governing fur farms resulting in horrific death in the most unconscionable ways. 

Canada’s annual seal ‘hunt’ is the world’s largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet (with the exception of a few years in which the Namibian fur seal massacre took more lives).  Baby seals are clubbed and brutally slain for their fur.  Over 95% of the pups murdered are 12 weeks to 3 months of age, so young that they have not learned to swim, the majority killed before they have eaten their first solid meal, mercilessly skinned alive in their own nurseries.

Most of the world’s farmed fur is produced by European farmers with over 6,000 fur farms in the European Union.  The EU accounts for 63% of global mink production and 70% of fox production. Denmark is the leading mink-producing country, accounting for approximately 28% of world production. Other major producers include China, the Netherlands, the Baltic states, and the U.S.  Finland is the largest U.S. supplier of fox pelts. Major export markets include China, Russia, Canada, and the EU.  Exports to Asia as a share of total exports continues to grow and flourish. 

There are hundreds of fur farms in the United States - Wisconsin is the leading mink-producing state (generating well over 1 million pelts per year), followed by producers in Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Minnesota.  There are approximately 275 mink farms alone in 23 states across the USA that produce about 3 million pelts annually, with a value of more than $300 million USD (2013). 

Trapping is still legal in the U.S. and Canada. Fur-bearing animals are caught and killed in barbaric body-gripping traps.  Each year, millions of fur-bearing animals are trapped and killed for greed under the guise of "nuisance wildlife control" and millions more murdered in the name of fashion.  Both targeted and non-targeted animals (including companion animals and endangered species) fall victim to these barbaric traps, as they suffer a slow, painful and agonizing death.

The holocaust of sentient beings in cold blood for vanity and greed is devoid

of spiritual conscience and should not be tolerated in a civilized society. 

It is a disgrace to humanity.

This powerful film will engage society with the compelling truth

within the fabric of a dynamic and evocative drama

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IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH will propel the mission by utilizing the power of film to evolve humanity through dramatic storytelling with universal appeal.  This compelling film will reveal the inhumanities committed against animals for human greed to an unprecedented level of global exposure while successfully attracting a worldwide viewing audience.

The film’s interwoven story lines parallel the connecting link between child abuse, animal cruelty, exploitation and greed, illuminating the truth at the soul level to pave the way to the awakening of humanity.

The value of entertainment and the evolution of consciousness are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, by synergistically combining these elements, we tap into deeper layers of the psyche, which elevates the movie experience and invigorates the senses.

A cognitive shift in perception will transform society’s behavior from one of ‘separation’ to ‘connection’: the quintessential turning point in the epiphany of the collective consciousness, and, in turn, evolve society to make conscious and compassionate choices.